Welcome to the New Construction Marketplace, Phoenix Home & Garden's forum for the various construction trades. In this forum, the narrative focuses on a recovering housing market, and promoting interaction between various tradespeople. Individuals will have the opportunity to become better acquainted with a wide range of industry professionals through a series of networking events that will pair members of the “construction food chain.” This group ranges from architects, builders and designers, to material suppliers, appliance manufacturers and their dealers, home furnishings retailers and homebuyers.


Phoenix Home & Garden's New Construction Marketplace is designed to foster collaboration and commerce among industry professionals and to promote the rebirth of residential construction. Connecting points will be sought to pair tradespeople of various disciplines and to foster mutually beneficial relationships.
Consumers, particularly new homebuyers, can tap the exchange for services among the many members of the New Construction Marketplace.

Members Doing Business With Members

Recognizing that the “new construction food chain” represents various trades in the new construction process, it’s our desire to promote commingling and business engagement, where the architect and cabinetmaker meet the builder, and the designer and consumer become engaged with a promising retailer.


Full membership meetings will be held throughout the year at various venues to conversationally unite all of the supporters of the industry food chain. From time to time, these meetings will be anchored by interesting feature speakers, covering topics that address The New Construction Marketplace.

Other more targeted sessions (10 to 30 people) will focus on specific themes arranged in an informal environment where certain trades and/or consumers become paired to realize mutually beneficial outcomes: homebuyers and architects, homebuilders and material suppliers, designers, customers and retailers.

Summary and Benefits

  • The New Construction Marketplace is an exchange where trades and consumers share information and make new contacts.
  • An alignment of mutual interests unites all of the trades in the construction food chain—architects, homebuilders, material suppliers, appliance manufacturers and their dealers, designers, retailers and homebuyers.
  • Extensive networking opportunities.
  • New business contacts.
  • Phoenix Home & Garden will sponsor special speaker engagements at popular retail and design locations.
  • Visibility through participation.
  • No initiation fees or dues.